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Dear Parents,

Welcome Back

Welcome back to all students, staff and parents to the start of a brand new term. I hope everyone had a very relaxing and enjoyable break, and had the opportunity to spend some time over the holidays with their families and friends.

Term Three has commenced smoothly and teachers and students have resumed school routines. It has been most pleasing to see the students returning to school wearing the correct uniform.

There are many events and activities planned for this term which have been highlighted in the term planner emailed last week and also available on the school website.

Book Week – Thursday 31st August

Book week is fast approaching and will be held on Thursday 31st August. The children are to come to school dressed up as book characters . The day will start with all students (Yr 1-6) enjoying a walk around the school oval from 8.30am to 8.50am. Parents are encouraged to join us for this walk and it would be wonderful to see them dressed up as well. This year’s theme is “Read, Grow, Inspire”. The students will also enjoy an incursion and buddy activities on this day.

Open Night – Wednesday 13th September 2023

Our Open Night will be held on Wednesday 13th September. This will be a time for families to celebrate their child’s individual learning journey. On this evening, the P&F will organising some food trucks for families who can purchase some meals during the evening.

Stargazers WA will be hosting a discovery evening on the school oval. Hopefully everyone will enjoy stargazing through telescopes at planets and galaxies.